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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Winning Streak

Now this is a strange one.
The whole concept behind Winning Streak is that it's you buy some scratch cards, then send them in, to possibly get on the TV show & win lots of money on-air.
Now, this is the vexing thing -- this particular "game show" is terrible!

To start, the presenter introduces each of the 5 contestants, they give us a quick run-down of all the people they know & dragged along (cue quick shot to audience, complete with home-made "GO MICHAEL!!"-type posters) and then the game is on. And what a game it is!


I don't even know how to start. There's a round where the contestants are asked, one after the other, to pick a number from 1 to 5. That's it. And they win 1000's of Euro, or even a car!
Then, we have a series of "rounds" where each contestant comes up to a massive touchscreen (it looks to be made of 4 LCD panels) and -- does nothing harder than pick a "destination" in Ireland for a little robot-thing to travel to. Then, once the animation (crude, repeated and, most bizarrely, prone to slow-down!) is finished, they pick from 3-7 little icons & win a prize -- cash, a car, or a holiday. That's it -- no skill, no questions, just "I'll pick the diamond/bell/ugly-as-hell-cat" -- the only possible "challenge" occurs when there's the slim possibility that the contestant can get a better prize.

The show actually goes on for a quite a bit (with lots of whooping and whistling from the crowd), but to tell you the truth, I just couldn't take much more of this. There's no challenge here -- it's all just fluff to cover up some terrible animations, an excuse to use large touchscreens (which contestants have trouble operating), and a computer-generated (and, possibly, remote-controlled) random prize generator to make up for lack of any good game design. In other words, perfect for the National Lottery to make you gamble money.

(p.s.: I apologise in advance about the terrible writing style -- hopefully, I'll get better as the weeks go on!)

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