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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Chess is a very deep strategy game -- in fact, it's been mathematically calculated that there are more possible chess games than there are atoms in the universe!
Now that the drama's outta the way...

Chess, in its current form, is played on an 8x8 grid, with squares alternating between black & white. Both players set up their pieces at the beginning of the game -- one row of pawns, the other with king, queen and 2 each of rook, knight & bishop.

Starting with white, players take turns moving one piece at a time in an attempt to capture their opponent's king, by means of positioning their own pieces into a position from which the king cannot escape. This requires deep strategy, involving sacrifice plays (allowing the opponent to capture a piece to gain an advantage for oneself), stalemate plays (protecting one piece with another to discourage capture) & forced-choice plays (positioning pieces so that the opponent must choose which piece he'd rather sacrifice). Due to white's first turn, he is usually in advantage, usually forcing the black player to play to a tie instead of a win.
Of course, new players (and those playing without good strategy) will just try to capture as many pieces as possible in the hopes of forcing the opponent to concede due to lack of force.


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